Another Day on the Terrace

In May 2010 I began the journey of my life.   As a Chinese-Canadian, I grew up living the Western lifestyle, oblivious to the happenings in the East.  Soon after turning 25, I was craving adventure and travelled halfway across the world, completely immersing myself into a rich experience living in Beijing.  I kept myself busy as an editor for WWF, nestled in the heart of Beijing, China; not far from Tiananmen Square.  I felt so fortunate to be able to walk through the courtyard of such a historical monument on my way to work every morning.  Half a year later I find myself in Shanghai, where I am currently working as an environmental consultant.  Everyday I continue my struggle with the language barrier and cultural differences that makes life in this country so difficult for a foreigner like myself,  but I know that one day I’ll conquer this mountain and accomplish whatever it is that fate brought me here to do.  As my New Year’s Resolution, I plan to share with you my experiences in 2011, therefore everything I post from now on that’s related to China, will be tagged with this brand new theme as I make my way to the summit, step by step…

Another Day on the Terrace.


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