Speak Up for Science!

Crazy Creatures, Cool Concepts, Evolution, Interesting facts, Community Outreach, Environmental Issues, Ecotourism and Going Green

The purpose of this blog is to first and foremost share my passion for zoology by describing peculiar animals.  I have a keen interest in biological diversity, particularly on the biology of mammals and fish.  I am also intrigued by reptiles and amphibians, aquatic invertebrates, insects, occasionally birds, and I am sometimes known to take an interest in botany with a primary focus on mycology.

As a very scientific minded individual I love to read and write about the theory of evolution.  And with my love to travel I enjoy describing vacation spots appealing to the ecotourism industry.  Through this blog I also strive to keep myself informed in current environmental/conservation issues.  Another objective of the blog is to promote public awareness of the global climate change crisis.



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